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After many years of working with quality shoe manufacturers we have learnt exactly what works. Our boots are comfortable on your feet and easy on your your wallet.

Whether rain or shine; comfortable and dry feet are a must to enjoying the journey so make sure that you choose a boot that fits how you Ride and matches your expectations - Choose Spada.

Latest SPADA Boots

Hurricane II
Waterproof and breathable
SRP: £89.99

Icon WP
100% waterproof short sports boot

Seeker WP
Colour: Black
SRP: £74.99

Aurora Boot
TPU moulded shin protection SRP: £99.99

Colour: Brown
SRP: £119.99

Curve EVO
Colours: Black, Black/Grey, Black/Flo, White/Blue SRP: £129.99

Kensington Rigger
Colour: Distressed Black
SRP: £129.99

Pallas Ladies
Colour: Nubuck Black, Satin Brown
SRP: £109.99

Pilgrim Grandé
Colour: Distressed Brown, Distressed Black, Cherry Red
SRP: £129.99

Colours: Oil Distressed Black, Brown
SRP: £149.99

Colours: Black, Black/White
SRP: £109.99

Pilgrim Grandé Ladies
Colours: Distressed Black, Cherry Red
SRP: £129.99

Foundry Boot
Colour: Distressed Brown
SRP: £159.99