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Spada Curve Evo boot review

April 21, 2016 — 0


The guys at Fastbikes couldn’t wait to test our brand new waterproof Curve Evo sports boot and when they did they were shouting their praises from the rooftops… well from page 21 at least.

Spada Curve Evo Fast Bikes
Fast Bikes love our new Spada Curve Evo boot…


“If you want a lot of spec from your boot, but don’t quite have the lot of budget to match, then the new Spada Curve Evo boots could be exactly what you’re after. Made from a 100% microfibre outer with a TPU moulded shin and heel, the boot also has a TPU density insert on the ankle to protect against untoward. It’s waterproof thanks to a Hipora membrane, while you also get the metal toe slider and a zip and velcro fastening system. Top boot, top value, top job, Spada!”

Our  Spada Curve Evo waterproof sports boot and retails at £119.99 and comes in a range of colours including black/fluo, black/grey, black and also in white. You can also register online for an extended two year warranty for extra peace of mind. Click here for more information.


A top spec sheet…

  • 100% PU Microfibre outer
  • TPU moulded shin and heel
  • Anti-slip multi density sole
  • TPU density insert on ankle
  • Moulded gear change pad
  • Reinforced toe & heel
  • Hippora waterproof membrane
  • Metal toe sliders
  • Zip and velcro fastening
  • Plasric insole underlay
  • Accordian comfort panels

For more information about the Curve Evo boot or to find your local dealer, see



Product NewsReviews

Spada Enforcer Glove Review from MotoFire

January 27, 2016 — 0


The Spada Enforcer glove has been ever popular in the range, proving to be one of our most versatile and resilient gloves! The Enforcer is a sports glove with carbon reinforced knuckles, leather reinforcements on the palms and is 100% waterproof and breathable, making it perfect for those Summer showers too.

The Enforcer has yet again been given the thumbs up by Sports Bike Shop and Motofire, who created a video review of the glove

SRP: £64.95

See the Spada Enforcer Glove review below:

To find more information about the Spada Enforcer glove, see where you can also find your nearest Spada dealer.

Spada enforcer glove, motorcycle glove, spada motorcycle glove, spada clothing


Product NewsReviews

Spada Aurora Boots Review

January 21, 2016 — 0


Recently, reviewed the Spada Aurora boot as a touring boot, but were pleasantly surprised to find that they performed equally as well as an all year round boot – as well as proving comfortable enough whilst off the bike.

The leather, water resistant boots come with TPU moulded shin, heel, toe and ankle protection as well as having reflective features for extra visibility, and at £99.95, the Aurora boot really impressed the team.

Read the Spada Aurora boots review:

Perfectly good all-round boots, suitable for any road use. – Mikko,

“My old boots were starting to fall apart last autumn, so a new pair was a must, and I’m genuinely impressed with these Spada Aurora boots. They are classed as ‘touring’ boots, but they make perfectly good all-round boots, suitable for any road use.

The boots are made from PU-coated leather*, they are water-resistant, and have moulded protectors in the heel, shin and ankle. The toe and heel have been reinforced to add protection.

The boots have reflective piping running down the outside of the calf to make the rider more visible in the dark. Every little helps.

A lot of boots can be a bit of a pain to get on and off, but these aren’t too bad, thanks to the long side zip that allows the boot to open all the way down. There’s also a stretchy panel at the back of the boot for added comfort.

The moulded gear change pad is a nice feature and stops the gear lever digging into the foot and damaging the boot. Useful if you have a manual bike.

Some motorcycle boots really aren’t made for walking, but these ones are quite comfortable off the bike as well as on it. The soles are fairly soft, which means that you can walk around in them without the clunk, clunk, clunk of hard sports boots.

My only issue with the boots is that the zip sometimes gets stuck and it is a bit of pain to get unstuck again (especially if you’re wearing gloves).

At the moment Spada is offering an extended two-year warranty if the product is registered online.


*PU or bicast leather is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane. This gives the surface a glossy look, which is easier to clean and maintain than pure leather, but it lacks the strength, breathability and durability of natural leather.

Spada aurora boots 


Spada boots20151107_144540


Product NewsReviews

Spada Enforcer Glove Review

November 10, 2015 — 0


If you are looking for a sporty racing style glove that will also keep your hands and fingers toasty this winter then the Spada Enforcer glove has had a fantastic review in Twist and Go Magazine and has been a real hit with our customers too.

Spada Enforcer Glove Review, Spada enforcer glove.

Here’s what Twist and Go Magazine had to say about the Spada Enforcer Glove.

The Enforcer WP (waterproof) is a full winter ‘race-style’ glove with moulded black carbon knuckle sections; it features ‘digital’ leather reinforcements on the palms with keprotec inserts. The gloves are fitted with a waterproof and breathable Hipora membrane and Thinsulate thermal linings.

A visor wipe on the left thumb helps riders to keep their vision clear whilst riding in the rainy weather. There’s also a velcro wrist strap adaptor which helps to ensure that the gloves fit correctly to your hands.

Spada enforcer glove, motorcycle glove, spada motorcycle glove, spada clothing

Having gotten used to riding using Summer weight gloves, these were the first Winter weight offerings I’ve tried in a while, so I wasn’t surprised when they didn’t offer the same amount of ‘feel’ as a pair of Summer gloves. Wearing gloves like this is a sign that Winter is only just around the corner; the extra thickness of the material and layer, although a bit more restrictive, is there for a reason – to keep out the Wintery elements.

Being new, the gloves took a little time to become more supple, but after a few miles of use that stiffness in the fingers soon disappeared, giving me the flexibility I’d expect and the ability to maintain control of the bikes switches and levers.

The 35 mile ride home on one cold dark night also confirmed the gloves’ ability to provide a decent amount of weather protection and at no time did the occasion arise where hand or fingers suffered any noticeable coldness.

Spada enforcer glove, motorcycle glove, Winter motorcycle gloves

  • Full winter race glove
  • Moulded black carbon knuckle sections
  • Digital leather reinforcements on palm with keprotec inserts
  • 100% waterproof and breathable Hipora® membrane
  • Thinsulate® thermal lining
  • Velcro wrist strap adjuster
  • Visor wipe on left thumb
  • SIZES: Mens: XS – XXL

For more information about the glove and to find your nearest Spada Dealer, see the website.


Stylish and Practical – Spada Hardtail Boots

October 7, 2015 — 0


Our long standing Hardtail boot has been featured in the latest edition of Road Racing Ireland magazine. The boot has been very popular in our Spada range especially as it sits in really well with the cruiser style look, as well as fitting in perfectly with many different stye riding jeans and waterproof trousers from the range.

Spada Hardtail, cruiser motorcycle boot, leather motorcycle bootThe custom style leather boot has a waterproof and breathable membrane and also features hooks at the top of the boot to aid with easy fitting.

Road Racing Ireland featured the cruiser style boot stating this about it:

“Cruise in style with these Spada motorcycle boots called the Hardtail. These custom style boots are made of leather to give an authentic feel for the style. They’re also highly practical as they have a waterproof and breathable membrane. They’re ideal for riding with, in both the Summer and the rain. A stylish pair of boots that are practical and a great price!”

Spada Hardtail boot, cruiser motorcycle boot, leather motorcycle boot

The Spada Hardtail boots are available in sizes 41-47 and at only £79.95 they’re fantastic value for money.

For more information about the Spada Hardtail boot and to find your local dealers please see


Spada X-Pro is on top!

September 29, 2015 — 0


The Spada X-Pro has been voted number 1 in the “Top 5 Waterproof Sports Boots”, in MCN.

waterproof sports boot, waterproof motorcycle boot, Spada Boots

At only £129.95, the Spada X-Pro is the perfect waterproof sports boot. The boots come CE approved with 100% bonded leather for complete waterproofing. The X-Pro comes with safety features such as a TPU shin protector as well as protection for the ankle and the heel both on the inside and the outside. Equipped with metal toe sliders, cushioned insoles and an optimised sole for better grip, it’s no wonder it got number one!

Motorcycle boots, waterproof sports boots, Spada Motorcycle boots

Spada X-Pro Waterproof Sports Boot

  • CE approved
  • 100% Bonded leather
  • TPU shin protector
  • TPU ankle and heel protector
  • Buckle and strap for easy adjustable fastening
  • Metal toe sliders
  • Inside full double density ankle protection moulded into the inner structure of the boot
  • Twin colour rubber sole for optimum grip
  • Zipper opening/closure
  • Cushioned insole
  • Reinforced TPU gear change overlay

Spada X-Pro Boot, Spada boot, Spada Motorcycle boot

Here’s what MCN had to say about the boot.

“Coated leather uppers and  a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep your feet dry and there’s a cushioned anti-slip sole for comfort and a double density moulded ankle support as well as a zip/velcro fastening with a buckle and strap to adjust the fit to suit your needs.”

If you would like more information on the Spada X-Pro or to find your local dealer, see the link – Spada X-Pro

Spada waterproof boot, waterproof sports boot


Spada Triflex review from Scootering

September 24, 2015 — 0


The Spada Triflex is brand new to the Spada range this year and has proven to be very popular especially with the guys at Scootering and for only £89.95 they’re a fantastic buy!

The Spada Triflex touring boot was tried and tested for a 3 month period, taking the boot across country and all the way to Munich and have seen well over 3000 miles.

motorcycle boot, Spada boot, touring boot, triflex

Here’s what Scootering had to say:

“I’ve only had these boots a couple of months but with a long ride out to Euro Lambretta and a couple of other events they have already seen over 30000 miles of use. They are  very comfortable while being ridged enough to inspire confidence and flexible enough to walk around in once off the bike, unlike other boots I have had they do not weigh a tonne and require only one good pair of socks underneath.”

Spada triflex, spada boot, motorcycle boot, motorcycle touring boot

“The sales blurb says that they are waterproof and after being caught in a monsoon in Munich and a downpour in Didcot I can confirm they are. Easy to do up via the three velcro straps on the side no need to wrestle with them ti free your feet. Also very comfortable after some days of real mile munching, all in all very good all round boots.”

Triflex boot, motorcycle boot, motorcycle touring boot

The Spada Triflex boot:

  • PU Coated leather
  • Reflective features fror extra visibility
  • Water resistant
  • TPU density insert on ankle
  • Density insert on shin
  • Re-inforced gear pad
  • Re-inforced toe & heel
  • Touring sole
  • Storm flap

If you would like more information about the Triflex touring boot or would like to find your nearest Spada dealer then see the Spada website.


Fastbikes recommends Spada Corsa Jacket

September 3, 2015 — 0


The Spada Corsa jacket has been in the Spada range for a few years and is still going strong. A staple item in the Spada range, it’s simplistic design keeps it popular with our customers.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Spada Corsa GP

Recently the guys at Fastbikes took a shine to the jacket and gave it a test. They loved it and this is what they had to say about it!

“Spada kit just gets better and better every year, this jacket being a prime example. Made from 1.2-1.4mm cowhide leather , the Corsa GP jacket from Spada has CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows, double and triple stitched critical seams, vented shoulder trim, mesh lining and a removable thermal lining. Simple styling will never go out of fashion, so invest in a snazzy little number here.”

Spada Corsa GP Jacket

The jacket is made from high quality leather and features CE approved armour as well as venting and a removable thermal lining so it’s a jacket that doesn’t need to go in the cupboard until next summer! Available in white and black with grey trim or just a plain black version it is perfect for that fast sport look or that more casual off the bike too.

Leather Motorcycle jacket, spada motorcycle jacket Leather Motorcycle jacket, spada motorcycle jacket

At only £239.95 this is excellent value for money and will not only look stylish but will keep you protected. If you would like more information on the jacket or you would like to find your local dealer, you can use the Spada Click and Collect service to order to your local store, to try on and purchase. See the,uk website.



Spada Intrepid Adventure Review

August 12, 2015 — 0


Our ever-popular Intrepid Adventure lid gets another fantastic review – this time in Ride Magazine.

Spada Intrepid Adventure Helmet

Ride magazine are renowned for testing products to the extreme and very thoroughly to give their verdict on a huge range of products across the motorcycle industry. Ride recommendations and tests have become widely trusted because of the thorough nature of the tests. That’s why, here at Spada towers we were extremely excited to see the Spada intrepid featured in the test alongside a great score!

Spada Intrepid Adventure

“This is very good for the price. We found it to be a good fit, with an interior thats nice to touch.” At only £99.99 the Spada Intrepid Adventure is a steal. Scoring a respectable 41/60 in the Ride Magazine test, the scores were similar and the same as helmets that were three times the price. The intrepid scored a fantastic 8/10 for comfort on the road and scored highly for the visor, interior and quality of the helmet.

Spada helmet, Spada intrepid Adventure

The Spada Intrepid includes a multi-positional visor as well as removable cheek pads and an internal sun visor.

  • Thermo plastic moulded construction
  • EC2205 approved
  • Quick release fastening
  • Front lower and upper ventilation
  • Multi-positional visor
  • Removable cheek pads & centre pads
  • Integral drop down tinted visor


Spada intrepid adventure, Spada helmet, Adventure Helmet

See our website for more information, reviews and to find your local Spada dealer:


Spada Burnout jacket makes MCN top 5!

July 14, 2015 — 0


Recently MCN reviewed a selection of motorcycle jackets all of which were under £200 and assessed them for quality, style, safety and value for money and our Spada Burnout jacket came up trumps, making the top 5 list! Spada made it on the list alongside other big names such as Dainese and Alpinestars.

spada burnout jacket, motorcycle jacket, textile motorcycle jacket, waterproof motorcycle jacket

Thee Burnout jacket, which retails at just £129.99, is part of the newly refreshed 2015 range for Spada and provides comfort, reflective panels for visibility and delivers style as well as the safety aspects needed to give you peace of mind. The jacket features a 5 piece CE approved Impact defence system, removable thermal lining so it can be used in all weathers, soft lining around the neck, is waterproof and it has an internal air cooling system. It’s a jacket that delivers on all levels.

spada burnout jacket, motorcycle jacket, textile motorcycle jacket, waterproof motorcycle jacket

Recently we gained another exceptional review of our Spada products from Visor Down, who had high praises to sing about the Burnout jacket.

“The jacket is made of a tough ‘Maxdura’ protective outer shell, it has a fixed waterproof and breathable lining and a removable thermal lining, handy for the changeable weather. It means I can leave home with the thermal lining attached and remove it on warmer evenings.  There are also zip vents in the shoulders and back for better airflow on hot days.”

spada burnout jacket, motorcycle jacket, textile motorcycle jacket, waterproof motorcycle jacket

Visor Down went on to say:

“I am always concerned with being seen at night and wear a brightly coloured helmet and reflective bands. The Burnout comes with reflective panels built-in, so it’s a bit more peace of mind in the dark.”

To read more of the review visit the Visor Down website.

spada burnout jacket, motorcycle jacket, textile motorcycle jacket, waterproof motorcycle jacket

The jacket is available in white/blue, grey/black/white and white/red to suit all tastes, styles and manufacturers. For more information and to find your nearest dealer, see the site.