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Technical Issues?

August 25, 2010 — 1


As the Spada office printer works overtime and is often queued up with documents, I had the bright idea of relieving its workload by installing an old printer found in the cupboard onto my super new laptop.

Forty-five wasted minutes later and I’m still no better off. I had it on good authority that all worked ‘fine’ before the HP was retired and everything was checked and double checked; the right software disc was even found. Why won’t it work? Why?!

As the years roll on, I find it increasingly difficult to handle these sorts of technology failures with any sort of decorum. So I smashed it up before chucking it in the skip outside. I may have lost three quarters of an hour, but the satisfaction of destroying something that once cost a lot of money was priceless.

A printer being killed, yesterday

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You can’t beat the real thing?

August 18, 2010 — 0

Name brands or the cheap version?

Some folk’ll say that supermarket brand stuff can be as good as the leading brands, but there are some things you just can’t skimp on – even if times are tight. As experienced consumers of food, drink and household products, here’s our guide on what not to be tight about when it comes to the weekly shop.

Baked beans – A rich, thick sauce or something more watered down then festival beer? Beanz meanz…

Tea bags – A cup of tea can make everything right with the world and, as a tea drinking nation, why punish yourself with a brew that tastes like a rusty fork? Stick with the big brands.

Washing up liquid – Boring, we know, but the good stuff really does clean things better and requires a smaller amount. You do the maths!

So there’s an insight into the Spada kitchen cupboard. By the sheer amount of chocolate digestives we consume each working day, we buy the only the best .