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Ladies’ Motorcycle Clothing – What do women really want?

September 3, 2015 — 0


It’s no secret that the world of motorcycling is very male dominated, but more and more of us ladies’ are getting on our bikes and taking to the track and the road and just like the men, we women would like to look good on the bike too!

Many ladies’ motorcycle clothes can often appear quite bulky and unflattering, but is this ok, is it just something that we have to accept? I’m not saying I want to wear something girly and extremely fitted on the bike but I’d like to retain my feminine shape whilst hurtling around and I’d like to avoid looking like the michelin man when I step off my bike too.

This really got me thinking, and I really want to find out exactly what women want, do all women want pink on their clothes and are we happy with having the waists slightly cut in on a men’s style jacket with no real thought to women’s shapes.

The Spada womens’ range currently comprises of 3 categories and we want to know whether you like fitted jackets, what colours you would like to see in the range, what sizes you would like to see and what makes you choose a particular piece of clothing.


Currently Spada have the Anna jacket and the Lula Jacket. These jackets are more suited towards adventure riding but are perfect for everyday use. They have removable thermal lining so they’re perfect all year round, have an adjustable waist so the jackets can fit perfectly to women’s shapes, and come in a variety of colours and the bonus is that they aren’t just cut versions of men’s jackets in the range. They of course have all the safety features needed such as armour, reflective panels, ventilation and are completely waterproof.

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Ready for the summer, Spada have their ladies leather jacket range from the cruiser jacket to  the road and vibe. Each jacket is cut to suit a feminine shape and are slightly shorter to ensure that they go well with leather trousers or kevlar riding jeans. These jackets are designed to look good both on and off the bike. Of course as well as fashion they also have function, all having zips to attach trousers and CE approved armour in the elbows, back and shoulders.

ladies motorcycle jackets, ladies leather motorcycle jacket, ladies leather jacketLADIES TEXTILE JACKETS

Another jacket currently in the Spada range is the very popular Hartbury jacket. This jacket has been tailor made for women and features nice touches such as an adjustable belt to give shape and a soft removable fur collar as well as having armour in the elbows, back and shoulders. We also have the Air pro jacket with an inner cooling system which earned it a Ride Kit Award which comes with a waterproof over jacket just in case. Last but not least the waterproof Planet ladies jacket which is perfect for everyday use.

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Let us know your thoughts, what is it you look for in ladies motorcycle clothing? Have Spada got it right or is there something you would love to see?

To see the whole Spada range and to find your nearest dealer, see the website.

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How to use a chain breaker and rivet tool

June 8, 2015 — 0


It is always a costly business if you have to keep taking in your bike in to a garage to get the chain looked at, adjusted or fixed which is why many bikers tend to take the chain in to their own hands.

The Spada Chain Breaker & Rivet tool allows you to break and rivet your chain from a variety of motorcycles in order to replace or to carry out any repairs yourself. If you are unsure how to use a chain breaker or rivet tool, this simple how to instruction guide will help you:

Chain Rivet connection instructions:

Preparation of Tool: First unscrew and remove Tommy Bar (1) completely from the body. Unscrew and remove guide nut 4. Finally remove bolt 6.

Rivet Connection: N.B. All rivet assembly additional components are silver coloured.

  1. Place the correct sized, side plate adaptor (C,D,E) into the hole at the base of bolt (2).
  2. Screw the recessed bolt A into the threaded hole at the base of the body (3) (previously occupied by bolt 6)
  3. Make sure than any “O” rings are in place (where applicable). Next connect the two ends of the chain together with the new rivet link, and chain side plates. Pass between the main body of the tool 3 between the side plate adaptor (C,D,E) and the recessed bolt A (making sure that the base of the rivet sits in the recess of the bolt).
  4. Slowly screw down bolt (2) using a 19mm spanner/socket, until the side plate adaptor has covered the chain link pins and then push on the chain side plate.
  5. Next unwind the bolt (2), remove the side plate adaptor (C,D,E) and then screw into place the flare pin B.
  6. The final operation is to screw down the bolt (2), until the point of the flare pin locates into the centre of the hollow rivet link. Continue carefully to tighten just enough to flare out the rivet.

IMPORTANT – do not over flare the rivet as this will cause the link to be tight and effect the movement of the chain.

chain breaker tool, chain breaker and rivet tool. spada, spada rivet tool, rivet toolChain Rivet removal instructions

  1. First unscrew Tommy Bar (1) until the rivet pin is completely retracted inside the body of bolt (2).
  2. Place the assembly over the chain rivet pin which is to be removed, with the lower end of the rivet located in the hole of the bolt (6).
  3. Screw down bolt (2) until the hollow indent in nut (4) locates securely over the rivet head. Next turn the Tommy Bar 1() slowly and push out the rivet pin.

IMPORTANT: When breaking an “O” ring chain which has flared pins, it is very important that you grind off the head of the rivet first . Failure to do so could cause damage to the hardened removal pin. A replacement spare removal pin (5) can be found located inside the handle (7), simply remove the plastic plug. 

chain breaker and rivet tool, rivet removal, how to remove a rivet, spada, chain breaker


To see more from the Spada range, see the SpadaClothing website.

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Ride every road with the new Spada DUO helmet

May 14, 2015 — 0


DUAL homologated, TRIPLE syled, the Spada DUO is a helmet for every road and every ride.

A totally versatile and stylish helmet that can be used for the road, for the city and your next big adventure due to its Dual Homologated ‘TRItech’ system construction – incorporating a fully removable chin bar and peak. The Spada duo helmet is fully P & J Homologatedand features a multi-position visor as well as removable cheek and centre pads. The helmet is not only versatile but also function and packed full of good features such as the integral drop down tinted visor. Perfect for the Summer coming up or ready for the low sun on those Autumn rides.

spada duo helmet, spada, touring helmet, spada helmet, motorcycle helmet

Available in Matt Black, Pearl white and Black. The Duo provides excellent ventilation for those long rides and is of course EC2205 approved. Retailing at just £99.95

Find more information about the Spada DUO


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No ride is too big for the new Spada Chunk boot!

May 14, 2015 — 0


Big Boot, Big Comfort! The new chunk boot is now in and is perfect for whether you are city riding or cruising through the mountains. It’s big on style and even bigger on all day comfort.

The brand new Spada boot is perfect for all round protection, not just from damage and general wear and tear but even for weather protection! The waterproof motorcycle boots have moulded shin and heel protection as well as extra inserts on the shins to prevent further damage. Made for both comfort and safety they will be the perfect boot whatever the weather.

  • PU Coated leather & suede construction
  • Water resistant
  • TPU moulded shin protection
  • TPU moulded heel
  • TPU density insert on ankle
  • Density insert on shin
  • Moulded gear change pad
  • Micro ratchet adjustment
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Toe slider
  • Elastic calf

Get more information on the Spada Chunk Boot

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Summer is coming and so is the Breeze!

May 14, 2015 — 0


Summer isn’t far around the corner and the weather will  be warming up soon, it’s time to ditch the winter jackets and don something a little cooler that allows you to feel the breeze.

Introducing the award winning Spada Air Pro Jacket. Its mesh panels allow for amazing ventilation throughout the jacket allowing cool air to rush around to keep you nice and cool.

The Spada Air Pro jacket was voted Best Mesh Jacket in the Ride Magazine Ride Awards and comes with its own waterproof over-jacket. The over-jacket is stored in the rear pocked of the Air Pro which is extremely handy as we all know how unpredictable the British weather can  be. Available in both Men’s and Women’s styles.

To find your nearest Spada dealer or to get more information about the Spada Air Pro jacket see


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Be track ready with the Spada Sports Pack

May 7, 2015 — 0


The racing season has started and it’s time to break out the leathers and get back on to the track! We know that for many of you one piece leathers and sports boots are not in your every day biking wardrobe but you would love to get out on the track. So that’s why at Spada we have come up with the Spada Sports Pack. This pack gives you everything you need to be completely safe and ready to take on the track. You can buy as a pack or you can order the components separately.

The pack contains

Spada Curve Suit – £399.99

Sports Pack - Spada Curve Suit

This suit is favoured and trusted by track riders such as Jack Dixon, Dean Harrison and Glenn Irwin, taking the corners at around 165 MPH! Available in different colours in the site. Find more about the Spada Curve Suit.

Spada Arc Patriot Helmet – £89.95

spada, spada clothig, spada helmet, racing helmet, track helmet, bsb

The Spa Arc Patriot Helmet is ideal for the track. With sophisticated ventilation, ACU Gold approved, quick release fastenings and removable cheek pads and centre pads, it’s comfortable and most importantly it’s EE2205 approved. Available in different colours and styles on

Spada Curve Leather Gloves – £74.95, spada, spadaclothing, racing gloves, race gloves, track clothing, motorbikes, bsb

This is a full racing specification glove with pre-curved fingers with carbon knuckles for maximum impact resistance. The palm features stingray leather for added abrasion resistance as well as a whole host of other brilliant features that will keep your hands extremely safe if the worst should occur. Find more information on the Spada Curve Glove.

Spada ST1 Leather racing boots – £99.95

leather motorcycle boots, spada motorcycle boots, spada boots, spada, spada clothing, racing boots, waterproof motorcycle boots

The Spada ST1 boot is a fully waterproof boot with ankle and calf mouldings for extra protection as well as having replaceable toe sliders, perfect for the track and for everyday. Available in white and black or just plain black. You can find more information about the Spada ST1 boot here.

All of our racing gear is made to the highest safety and quality standards and are even worn by the pro’s! Jake Dixon, Glenn Irwin and Dean Harrison can be seen sporting the Spada Curve suit!

For more information about Spada racing gear or to find your local dealer, visit the Spada clothing website:

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September 7, 2010 — 0


New textile items from British clothing firm used by Red Arrows

Red Arrows wearing Lunar jacket, Duo Tech trousers

Spada, the British designed motorcycle apparel brand, has released a new waterproof textile jacket and trousers for the Autumn season which will be thoroughly tested by the Red Arrows on an upcoming 1000 mile charity ride across the length of the UK.

With performance punching way above its price, the Lunar jacket is a 100% waterproof, all season jacket with CE armour fitted at the elbows and shoulder. Constructed with a polyester Kordura outer shell, the full-length jacket features a storm flap over the main zip and high and soft collar to help keep the elements out.

For when the weather hots up, the thermal lining can be removed and cool air passed through by opening four zipped vents on the front and with two rear exhaust vents of the jacket. The Spada Lunar jacket also features adjustment to create a ‘tailored’ fit and ensure maximum warmth by way of two Velcro straps on each arm and across the waist.

The Lunar jacket also features two large outer pockets and two internal ones and can be zipped securely to any Spada leather or textile trousers.

The Duo Tech trousers (£89.99) are 100% waterproof and breathable with the option of easily removing the quilted thermal lining.

Made from heavy duty Maxtex Nylon, the trouser boasts CE approved armour in the knees and a doubly layered seat for greater protection and wear resistance. Two outer zipped pockets are easily accessible and, using its long or short zips, the Duo Tech trousers can attach to a jacket easily for a more secure fit and prevent drafts.

Both the Lunar jacket and Duo Tech trousers are available in Blue or Red in sizes S-XXXL with the all Black option going up to size XXXXL.

On September 30, pilots from the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, and four of the Fighter Pilots from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, will have just four days to cover the entire length of mainland UK as part of a money-raising scooter ride for charity.

All fourteen pilots will be dressed in Spada’s new black and red Lunar jacket and Duo Tech trousers along with the sports touring ST1 boots (£89.99) and popular Contrast gloves (£34.99).

Flight Lieutenant and Red 6, Mike Ling, commented on the Spada kit: “Riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats during autumn, we’ll inevitably come across adverse weather conditions. The pilots were looking to find riding kit that would not just protect us and be all-day comfortable, but also keep us warm and dry. The team has already spent a day in the Spada clothing riding in the rain and we’re already suitably impressed.”

For more information on the Red Arrows and to donate, visit