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Spada Storm Gloves Review

October 15, 2015 — 0


MCN took a look at the Spada Storm WP Glove and they named it in the top 5 gloves for winter! The Spada Storm Gloves Review is fantastic news for Spada, especially as the cold weather is coming!

Spada storm glove inside

The Storm glove has been a staple item in the Spada range and has been highly recommended by 100’s of satisfied customers. It seems that MCN agree, stating:

“The price is low, but the spec isn’t – pre-curved fingers reduce the breaking-in time, a waterproof membrane keeps out the rain, reinforced leather palms boost protection with abrasion-resistant fabric and there’s also a rubber visor wipe on the left wipe.”

The glove is an essential piece of kit for when you are riding, especially in the winter. The reinforced leather palm, overlays and keprotec inserts will keep your hands protected in the event even of an off as well as the 100% waterproof membrane keeping your hands dry and free from the pain of sharp objects bouncing up from the ground/road.

Spada Storm Gloves Review

The gloves also come with a handy visor wipe on the left thumb to clear your visor during the winter months. The glove are available in sizes Small – XXL and at only £34.95 it’s a fantastic piece of kit.

For more information about the Spada Storm Glove and to find your nearest dealer see the website.

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Dean Harrison wins Olivers Mount Gold Cup 2015

September 14, 2015 — 0


Congratulations to Spada sponsored Dean Harrison on winning the Olivers Mount Racing​ Gold Cup 2015.

Dean Harrison dominated the Scarborough Gold Cup meeting to clinch the coveted trophy for the first time at Oliver’s Mount.

Harrison powered to a five-timer for Northern Ireland’s Mar-Train Yamaha team, winning all four Superbike races on the YZF-R1M and adding a Supersport success for good measure on a brilliant weekend for the Bradford rider.

“It has been a while since we’ve had a weekend like that, apart from the coming together in the first ‘six hundred’ race that was a perfect weekend,” he said.

“It’s nice to finish off my year with Mar-Train like that, they’ve put so much work in all year and deserved a good weekend,” he added.

Dean Harrison wins Gold Cup 2015

Harrison has had a fantastic year so far and we at Spada are so proud to be his sponsor.

“Thanks to all the fans who braved Saturday’s weather, it’s always a great event; – brilliant to get the Cock O’ The North again and I’m really chuffed to lift the Gold Cup.”

The second Senior race was declared a result after a red flag, with Harrison earning a four-second win from Lintin and John McGuinness, who was riding his EMC2 Honda Superstock machine.

Harrison achieved victory in the second Supersport race by five seconds from Johnston, with Lintin and William Dunlop the top four.

Dean Harrison wears the Spada Curve suit – to find out more information about the curve and to find all your local dealers, see the website. 

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Large Motorcycle Clothing from Spada

August 21, 2015 — 0


Spada have been working with Motorcycle Trader to come up with suggestions and solutions for people that need large motorcycle clothing so they can be comfortable and protected when they are out riding.

Their article in the latest edition of Motorcycle Trader takes a look at what larger riders are looking for in their clothing, such as practicality, durability and not clothing that makes people feel squeezed and self conscious or material that is really clingy.

Spada offer clothing that ranges from XS – 5XL to suit riders of every shape, size and taste. One of these being the Spada Dyno jacket, which continues to prove to be one of the best selling jackets in the range and has been a longstanding favourite with customers. The jackets popularity is down to its refined style, functionality and the fact that it’s perfectly suited for the english Winters.

Spada Dyno Jacket:

Heavy duty motorcycle jacket, Spada Dyno Jacket

The jacket is popular due to its heavy duty nylon construction which means it is durable and hardwearing when it comes to the harsh winter weather and the 100% breathable membrane helps with the British rain too.

Spada Dyno Jacket, 5XL Motorcycle Clothing

The jacket features CE approved armour in the shoulders and elbows as well as venting systems and waist adjusters for added comfort.

Spada Dyno Jacket, Motorcycle clothing, Motorcycle Jacket

Other larger clothing in our range includes:

Spada 912 waterproof overjacket and 911 waterproof trousers. “The Spada waterproof jacket and trousers and low-cost and made from nylon. 100% waterproof and windproof, elasticated waist, as well as reflective panels, zip and velcro.”

If you would like more information on the Spada Dyno, 911 trousers or 912 over jacket see the SpadaClothing UK website.

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Spada Clothing Defies Gravity!

August 6, 2015 — 0


Here at Spada we like to be involved with all aspects of being on two wheels, from protecting people on their everyday work journey, racing around the track for BSB or new ventures such as Gravity Biking.

A Gravity Bike is a specialised two wheeled bicycle propelled by nothing other than gravity. The bikes have no chain or pedals and Gravity bike riders rely on steep gradients to push them to incredibly fast speeds. It’s something that most people have not heard of so we were keen to get involved and raise awareness of the exciting sport.

Spada Curve Suit, Gravity biking

Historically, Gravity Bikes evolved from modifying a traditional BMX where a rider would add weight, alter seating and handlebar positions and change a bikes aerodynamic characteristics in the pursuit of greater speeds. More recently, Gravity Bikes have evolved to become highly specialised and purpose built machines capable of reaching speeds over 50mph from a standing push start.

Spada recently got involved with a promising young bike rider called Zack Leader, who is motorcycle mad and dreams of becoming a motorcycle racer, but for now he’s taking his passion to Gravity Bike racing. Zack’s team is sponsored by James Ellison and Zack’s drive and tenacity is propelling him to success, doing better and better each race.

spada clothing, Spada, Gravity Biking, James Ellison, Gearbolt racing

It’s a fantastic sport and something that is a great start for young people who want to get into motorcycle racing. Zack wears the Spada Curve Suit which he has customised with the badging service to make his mark on it and wears the Spada RP700 and the Spada St1 boots to keep him safe at high speeds. Zack wears the same suit as used by Dean Harrison, Jake Dixon and Glenn Irwin around the track.

“I love the spada gear because it is all really comfortable, both when walking around the pits and riding the bike! It all looks great and I feel safe and protected at all times when wearing the gear, which is obviously what you want! It all fits well and I just love wearing it all! It does the job just as good as any other make, if not better!”

Spada Clothing, Spada Curve Suit

“The thing I love most is the thrill of racing. I’ve always wanted to race bikes, so for me, gravity bike racing is not what I first expected to be racing, but I’m so happy I am! I love how close gravity bike racing is, how much of a buzz it gives me, and how unpredictable it can be!”

Zack is continuously campaigning to get the sport more recognition, regularly updating his website and promoting on social media. Zack will be competing in a Gravity Bike championship in 2016, so keep your eyes peeled. For the latest Gravity bike events see the
Zack trusts his safety to Spada, to find out more information about Spada clothing or to find your nearest Spada dealer, see the website.

Photos courtesy of Macauley Bowers.

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Harrison saved by Spada Curve Suit

June 16, 2015 — 0


Earlier this year we watched the esteemed road race, The Vauxhall International Northwest 200, based in Northern Ireland.

The event had been full of surprises but on Saturday 16th May the Superstock race was red flagged after a serious accident involving Dean Harrison, Stephen Thompson and Horst Saiger. The crash occurred at 100mph+ on a stretch of track between the York corner and the Mill road roundabout, leaving Saiger and Thompson being taken away in an ambulance for treatment. Luckily  Dean walked away unhurt.

Dean’s remarkable escape was due to the durability of his racing leathers, at the time he was wearing the Spada Curve Suit. The Spada Curvesuit took the full brunt of Harrison’s slide off his bike at around 100mph. Thankfully for Dean, the suit did exactly what it was designed by us to do. We  painstakingly test our  leather suits and are continuously researching and developing better protective methods to ensure that these riders stay safe.

dean harrison, northwest 200, dean harrison, dean harrison crash, dean harrison leathers, spada leathers, spada curve suit,

Harrison states: “I couldn’t be more pleased with the Spada leathers, they held up really well and I have no doubt that they’re the reason I was able to get up and wasn’t in that ambulance, I’d put my trust in them every time.” 

dean harrison, dean harrison crash, dean harrison leathers, spada leathers, spada curve suit,

“Obviously, we are really happy that our Spada leathers kept Dean safe, it’s our number one priority when we sponsor a rider. We put the same effort in developing the protection in all our products so every customer is safe and comfortable on the roads.” Mark Ingleby, Head of Spada Design.

dean harrison, dean harrison crash, dean harrison leathers, spada leathers, spada curve suit,

“Remarkably, despite being hurled from his bike, he was unhurt.” – Belfast Telegraph.

dean harrison, dean harrison crash, dean harrison leathers, spada leathers, spada curve suit,

“The crash involved Dean Harrison, Stephen Thompson and Horst Saiger, and while Harrison was able to escape uninjured, both Thompson and Saiger were taken by ambulance to hospital following treatment at the scene of the crash.” –  The Independent

See the Spada Curve Race Suit for yourself at

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Spada X-Street Boot is number 1!

June 16, 2015 — 0


Our Spada products are rigorously tested by MCN journalists and motorbike riders, each item of kit is tested for over a year to really see how the product does under pressure and to test the durability of boots too.

spada boots, motorcycle boots, x-street boots.

Recently our Spada X-Street boot was voted number 1 in the best short boot under £200 category by MCN (Motorcycle News). The boot beat many leading brands and many that were significantly more substantial in price.

spada boots, motorcycle boots, x-street boots

The Spada X-Street come fully waterproof, are made from 100% bonded leather and have a cushioned insole for added comfort. Safety is paramount with these boots and they come equipped with Metal toe sliders, TPU ankle and heel protector as well as double density ankle protection which is moulded into the inner structure of the boot.

spada boots, motorcycle boots, x-street boots

The X-Street also has ankle and heel protectors as well as a reinforced TPU gear change overlay. It’s a well rounded boot that offers everything needed for racing as well as the added comfort of a short boot which allows more flexible ankle movement. The boots fit well under protective jeans, making it a boot that can be worn both on and off the bike.

Find out more: Spada Clothing UK

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MCN waxes lyrical about the Staffy wax jacket

June 12, 2015 — 0


MCN recently reviewed the Spada Staffy Wax Jacket and they had a lot of good things to say! The urban style jacket scored highly on both quality and value.
 staffy wax jacket, spada, spada clothing, wax cotton jacket,  motorcycle jacket

“Ride a bike like my Ducati Scrambler long-term test bike and you want a kit to veer towards the retro and that’s exactly what Spada have delivered here.”

staffy wax jacket, spada, spada clothing, wax cotton jacket,  motorcycle jacket

“They’re not the only brand to jump on the waxed-cotton bandwagon but they’ve done a fair job with brassy poppers, diamond quilted leather on the shoulders and that all important belt, plus a cool tartan lining. It’s not all about looks, a heavy late-night downpour found it to be properly waterproof, the thermal lining keeps me warm on Spring mornings and theres CE-aproved armour should I need it. Meanwhile there are sensibly sized pockets and the cuffs, which secure with a popper, allow you to get gloves inside.”

staffy wax jacket, spada, spada clothing, wax cotton jacket,  motorcycle jacket

“Jackets like these are as much about looks as performance but Spada ticks both boxes reasonably well. It comes in black or brown.”

staffy wax jacket, spada, spada clothing, wax cotton jacket,  motorcycle jacket

For more information on the Staffy Wax jacket and to find your local Spada Dealer, see the Spada Clothing site

There is also a ladies version of the wax jacket called The Hartbury Jacket

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Adam Jenkinson praises Spada racing gloves

June 3, 2015 — 0


Spada have been creating and designing safety products and clothing for well over 20 years now and we pride ourselves on ensuring that our products are up to high standards and can perform when needed.

BSB rider Adam Jenkinson put the gloves to the test at his latest stint at Donington Park when disaster struck. Jenkinson was heading along the start and finish straight towards the Redgate corner at close to 160mph when the front brake completely failed without warning. Adam crashed out and was obviously winded and bruised but was fortunate to escape with dislocated bones in his hand and a broken bone.

spada, spada racing gloves, motorcycle gloves, adam jenkinson, motorcycle racing
Had the Spada racing gloves not been there, Jenkinson’s hand injuries could have been so much worse than they were. The gloves stayed strong and Adams skin remained completely in tact with the glove taking the full force of the slide.

the gloves did a fantastic job, they didn’t even break or tear at the seams

“I had to jump off my bike at 160mph and fell hard on my hand, the gloves did a fantastic job, they didn’t even break or tear at the seams, they remained completely in tact, I’m really thankful they held up.” Adam Jenkinson “The bar came right back to the lever and all I had to slow me down was a little bit of back brake. I had to bail off as soon as I hit the gravel and just flew into the air fencing so to only suffer injuries to my hand is a miracle.”

This incident is proof as to why motorcycle gloves are essential when doing any type of riding. Take a look at the whole range of Spada gloves.

Images courtesy of Jon Jessop Photography

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Good luck to Dean Harrison at this year’s TT.

May 27, 2015 — 0


We’ve got our fingers crossed for another win for our top Spada man, and 2014 TT winner Dean Harrison at this year’s TT.

In the meantime here’s our Degsy speaking to Dean about last year’s TT and his thoughts on our Spada Curve race suit, which he was wearing in his off at this year’s NW200. We’re pleased to say that Dean walked away unhurt from the crash to compete in the next race – the curve suit on the other hand wasn’t so lucky!

Dean’s Spada Curve suit stood up well to his high speed crash at this year’s NW200


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Why you should wear motorcycle gloves

May 27, 2015 — 1


In the UK the law states that motorcyclists are required to wear a motorcycle helmet that adheres to the rules and safety regulations of the country, and why? To save lives, but what about other motorcycle clothing that could potentially save your life or save your limbs?

We take a look at why gloves are so often forgotten when it comes to riding a motorcycle and why you should be wearing them even if the law doesn’t enforce it.

Why you should wear them

People usually take their hands for granted, but if you get a papercut or have ever bruised your thumb you will know how limiting it can be in terms of being able to do your normal tasks properly.

Many riders, especially the younger generation neglect to wear gloves, not ever thinking about the consequences. Think about this though, when you fell off your pushbike as a child or even fell over running in the playground, you always grazed your hands, at such low speeds you could see the visible damage. Now think about the damage your hands would take if you were at speeds of 30-40 miles an hour and then if you were going at 70mph. The results would be disastrous.

It is the bodies natural reaction to protect ourselves when we fall and if a collision or fall occurs on your bike, your hands will naturally hit the floor first and the tarmac would grip the skin on the slide. Gruesome thought, we know, but you only have to be brave and google motorcycle hand injuries to make you wear gloves for the rest of your life. Gloves are one of the easiest safety items to put on, slipping on and off, it takes seconds so there’s no excuse not to use them.

The image below shows the results of a fall off a bike and slide at 30mph. Had the double thickness leather not been there, we can only image the state of this riders hand.

motorcycle gloves, leather motorcycle gloves, textile motorcycle gloves

It’s not just falls and palm sliding that gloves protect you from, there is also the wind chill factor when riding, which numbs your hands. I’m sure many of you know the feeling of even a small rock or a large fly hitting very cold hands and the pain it can cause!

In 2013 4,866 were seriously injured in road collisions in Great Britain, hopefully you are never in this stat, but with motorcycle accidents being so prominent, being safe should be key.

Another safety feature is the grip a glove offers, whether you have numb hands from cold or sweaty palms from the heat, your grip will be reduced. Most gloves have silicon grips on the palms to encourage safer riding and many of the racing type gloves will have specially curves fingers which increase grip.

Why gloves are overlooked

Gloves get overlooked because unfortunately, it’s not the law to wear gloves or any other motorcycle clothing for that matter, apart from a helmet. (See website for more details –  Understandably the helmet is a requirement as it protects your most vital part, but severe injury and even loss of digits can occur when gloves aren’t worn.

motorcycle gloves, leather motorcycle gloves, spada gloves, spada leather gloves

With summer coming you will no doubt see a lot of younger motorcyclists or scooter riders without their gloves or much else! This is mostly due to weather conditions being too warm or simply for fashion reasons, thinking that perhaps gloves aren’t the coolest of items to wear.

Many people will also believe the notion that all gloves are for warmth. Although this is a factor when riding, as wind chill levels can peak especially on the hands, not all gloves provide warmth, there are many available which allow airflow and cool the hands.

More than anything, we feel there is a lack of awareness on the matter and the dangers of not wearing gloves are simply unknown. This may be due to a lack of time spent learning to ride a bike before a learner is allowed to go on the roads alone, albeit on a less powerful bike. High amounts of damage can still be caused at low speeds and it means the education is not firmly in place before riders move to a more powerful motorcycle.

How to choose good motorcycle gloves

There are so many gloves on the market and most of them will protect you from various impacts whilst you are out on the road. The important thing to look out for is protection in the right areas.

  • Palm Protection – Your palms will most often be the first to touch the floor if you have a collision so always look out for palm padding, double leather on palms, armour or silicon grips to protect you. Make sure there is double or triple stitching on the palms to, to eliminate the risk of them coming undone under pressure. Some gloves offer Stingray leather on the palms which offers less abrasion resistance, so less likely to rip and expose the skin.

Look for gloves that have a double layer over the palm and pinkie and has high quality stitching (even stitching that stays an even distance from the edges), that is double or even triple stitched in impact areas. Quality of the leather itself is also important, but harder to distinguish at a glance.

  • Full Fingers – According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, it is recommended that you should always wear full-fingered gloves as the first points of impact are palms, thumb and little finger. If you have ever hurt your thumb you will know how little you can do without it! Full fingers will also protect your hands from debris that can hit you at high speeds when you have cold hands.
  • Knuckle Armour – Choose a glove with knuckle armour, most gloves will have shaped armour on the knuckles, this is to protect from damage, and the raised area will ensure the majority of the hand is away from the ground on collision.

motorcycle gloves, leather gloves, why use motorcycle gloves

  • Grip – Choosing curved style motorcycle gloves or ones with flexible panelling between the fingers will allow for better grip and reduce the amount of you need to “break them in”.

Ensure that your gloves have adjustable straps so that the glove remains firms in place on impact. Having stretch panels in between fingers and thumb will allow increased manoeuvrability as well as airflow in the summer.

Most people will spend between £20-£50 on a pair of gloves which will prevent damage if you are riding on normal roads. If you are going at speeds of 70mph or more if you race etc, a good pair of protective gloves will cost you between £50-£100.

  • Weather Appropriate – Choose ones that are weather appropriate, no use having ones ones that do not provide enough air flow or warmth to suit the weather. Most gloves will be labelled with this information but if you are unsure, speak to your dealer.

Some gloves are made from Stingray leather. This leather is abrasion resistant, allowing the palm to slide across the surface rather than gripping the tarmac and ripping, adding more protection.

At the end of the day, if you drove in a car your whole body is protected and people pay thousands more to have that peace of mind and security, so why not have that same protection from the same dangers but on your bike?

Spada provide a wide range of gloves, all adhering to safety standards and trusted by some of the world’s best racers. To see the full Spada range see here: